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Seb Patrick is a twentysomething writer originally from Liverpool, currently based in London. He has written for various publications and websites, including Wired UK, When Saturday Comes, Micro Mart, Empire, BBC Online and Channel 4. His usual specialist topics are comics, television and film, but he’s also been known to write about computing, internet and new media, gaming, music, football, motorsport and literature.

His comics work includes co-writing “The Amazing Spider-Boy” for Marvel UK’s Spectacular Spider-Man, and a short strip “Panic” in Phonogram vs The Fans, and he has assorted TV comedy scripts kicking around waiting for someone to notice them, along with a short film on a Red Dwarf DVD boxset (series VII, disc three).

Seb Patrick is filmed before a live studio audience, contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and does not affect your statutory rights.

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