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BBC out to iMPress again...

Yes, trials are about to open up once more for iMP, and those who tested it back in late 2005 are being sent emails inviting them to apply for the new run.

Clearly, having been among the early pioneers of the format back with the original test, the BBC have noted the early success of 4oD and Virgin's VOD service, and hopefully they'll step up to the plate to provide a service for TV that rivals their excellent "Listen Again" radio service. Certainly, during the original trial, there was a great deal of potential being shown - hopefully some of the technical (and licensing!) issues can be ironed out through testing this time.

Of course, if any of the NTS writers do get accepted for this trial (the invitation doesn't guarantee entry), expect some updates and examination of how it's all going. And hey, maybe getting on will provide some comfort after trying to apply for this last night only to be told that I didn't meet the "recruitment criteria" WITHOUT ANY SPECIFIED REASON WHATSOEVER...

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