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June 2006

Cool Domains Don't Change / 30.06.06

A lot has been written about pretty permalinks and using the domain name system properly.

El Jay / 29.06.06

Just a quick note to any NTS readers who are also LiveJournal users, to the effect that our syndicated LJ feed - which has been Broke and Rubbish ever since we relaunched the site - is now fully working and operational again. So if you want to get NTS updates on your Friends List, you can find the syndication feed here.

How to undermine your point, Part #3846392 / 29.06.06

He's not being ironic, sadly.

Spider. Man. Three. Teaser. / 27.06.06

It's not in the best quality yet, because it's just a low-bitrate version taken from a video camera in-cinema recording, but if you want it a few hours before it goes up in Quicktime on the Apple site... here it is, and you'll need this to watch it.

Can't really find the words to say anything about it right now, though, except... fucking hell.

British Government in Useless At IT Shocker / 27.06.06

The dti launches a terrible website.

Dan Champion challenges them using the Freedom Of Information act.

Phish goes to the movies. / 27.06.06

Attention stateside readers. Yes, both of you.

Phish is re-broadcasting their June 17, 2004 Brooklyn concert in select theaters for one night only. That night is July 10, one day before the DVD and CD of that concert is released commercially.

You can go here to see if it's playing in your local theater.

ITV Bid To Lose More Viewers / 26.06.06

"ITV cuts drama and makeover shows."

Alright, I can understand cutting makeover shows. I can understand scrapping Des and Mel (although I'd argue, trash as it was, that it was a show that had a firm niche, and a firm core audience - the success of Richard and Judy and Paul O'Grady tells you that). But cutting drama? Come on.

All the porn you will ever need / 26.06.06

Look for the free samples, or see YouTube. I'm pretty tempted to sign up, though...

#I only went with her 'cos she looks like you / 23.06.06

Ah, Pulp. That's a lot cooler than Gwen Stefani.

Future Futurama? / 23.06.06

Recently posted to

Erm, what? / 22.06.06

We truly are living in a strange world if a fictional tale of two perfectly legal 16-year-olds can cause a fuss.

And Kidscape should mind its own business and concentrate on the real problem. Especially when on their site, they say:

Let's Have a Wank for England / 16.06.06

(Thanks to Paul Kelly who posted this to NOTBBC.)

Bye Bye Billie / 15.06.06

They're so going to kill her off, aren't they?

Also, according to OG, Stephen Fry's no longer doing his episode. Bugger!

"You little sod, I love your eyes" / 10.06.06

I'm currently packing up various things, getting ready to bugger off on holiday early tomorrow morning (I should be in bed, really) and I've been going through some new albums to add to my iRiver (like an iPod but bestest).

Anyway, this has led to me a very stark conclusion. Absolutely everyone on Earth should own a copy of Leaders of the Free World by Elbow. It's emotive UK rock/pop in its purest and most glorious form - far better than those Coldplay chaps, whose third album was an absolute dirge fest.

Bad DOG! / 10.06.06

I mean, for fuck's sake:

Bad DOG Thumnail Image
(Click image for a larger resolution)

It's bad enough that over intrusive DOGs actually exist just generally getting in the way, but when TMF actually feel it's necessary to impose their DOG *over the top* of VH1's, when they show a production of theirs, is just completely inept.

Do these people actually know how to do telly?

This prototype has now entered a review phase and is therefore currently unavailable / 09.06.06

Oh bugger.

Hope it's back soon, as it's one of the best things have ever done.

#The Dreaming Days Where the Mess Was Made... / 09.06.06

I'll stand up for Gwen Stefani's Cool any time you want. I could go on about why I like the song, but what it comes down to is: I love a certain kind of pop - especially 80s and 80s inspired stuff. And if you actually listen to the lyrics, it's really quite a nice song.

What I do find slightly strange however, is how emotional I just got at the video.

That is: "Emotional".

Clerks II Posters... / 09.06.06

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Rosario Dawson...

That's a little shameless, actually. I bet she doesn't dress like that in the film - I've seen her in promo pics and the trailers, and she's wearing the Mooby's outfit. Still, though - day-um.

Off The Net / 07.06.06

Well, that explains that one, then (and yes, "WOT NO OTT?" is a better headline than I used).

For those of you who may have been wondering why one of the internet's only half-decent telly review sites hasn't posted anything new for a month, it's because Graham Kibble-White's had his computer nicked and so can't actually get on the site (save for the Blog) at all. Oh dear.

The Accidental Video Game Porn Archive / 04.06.06

I like childish things waaaaaay too much.

I Love David Langford and Want to be Just Like Him / 03.06.06

Despite my whinging, I do actually enjoy SFX. And I especially enjoy David Langford's column, which he also publishes on his site once the issue is out of the shops.

Spaced on BBC America / 03.06.06

Just a quick note for Stateside readers: Spaced, the brilliant (and brilliantly done) Channel 4 comedy series, is coming to BBC America. Their official blurb:

RE: Sandi Thom. Am I wrong? / 03.06.06

It goes against everything I at least try to stand for in regards to my musical tastes. In reality, I should greet the arrival of Sandi Thom with the same disgust as similar warblers such as Joss Stone and the like. But... she's really bloody good, isn't she? I mean, this could actually mean she's *totally* different to Joss Stone and I'm wrong in making the comparison, but it seems like the same sort of pseudo soul, to me. It's just that Sandi seems to do it well.

The Myth of Superman / 02.06.06

Neil Gaiman and Adam Rogers wrote an article about Superman, which can be read here.

Fußball's Coming Home / 02.06.06

Courtesy of The Times, Baddiel and Skinner will be doing free podcasts throughout the World Cup! Anyone who saw Fantasy Football League in the BBC glory days will surely agree that David and Frank talking about football can be bloody hilarious. Those who saw the most recent ITV series in 2004 might disagree, but I'm still optimistic for these podcasts.