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I Love David Langford and Want to be Just Like Him

Despite my whinging, I do actually enjoy SFX. And I especially enjoy David Langford's column, which he also publishes on his site once the issue is out of the shops.

Anyway, he wrote a particuarly good one the other month; Pride and Prejudice, an excellent piece in a similar vein to last year's Eye of the Beholder and As Others See Us - and, indeed, further back than that if you take a look.

No doubt some people will just see it as whining. But let's face it - he's absolutely 100% correct, isn't he?

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> Happily, journos often get their SF references wrong. From a Daily Mail sketch about tracking that elusive politician John Prescott: "Like Doctor Who, I could sense the Force was nearby. But where?"

Excuse me while I gouge my eyes out with a soup spoon.

By Austin Ross
June 04, 2006 @ 12:17 am

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Nice to see Louis Barfe's rather more tongue-in-cheek comparision being quoted in As Others See Us. Actually, Louis brings up a very good point. At least SF has its own magazines: comedy has never been able to achieve this in the UK.

By Tanya Jones
June 04, 2006 @ 10:17 am

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I don't think people playing down the importance of science fiction in the new Battlestar Galactica is purely down to snobbery- it's more to do with differentiating it from the (mostly justified, especially if you look at e.g. the Star Trek franchise over the past decade) clichés which most people would think of when told to imagine a TV science fiction show. I haven't seen any statistics but it strikes me as a series which at least has the potential to reach a different demographic. But let's not bother trying to unpack or analyse why Ron Moore might have said that, let's make a weak joke about adult=sex! Ho ho ho!

Anyway, Mark Lawson talks bollocks about everything.

By Ed
June 05, 2006 @ 3:02 pm

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