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Another Chance to See

This is quite possibly the best TV news of the year so far.

The official site linked to in the above link has since been taken down for one reason or another, but the offical blub says it all:

This time it’s Stephen Fry at the helm with Carwardine, as they revisit the six featured endangered species and bring their stories right up to date.

From Madagascar to Mauritius, and from China to the Congo, the pair will be guided by the ethereal presence of Douglas Adams whose voice lives on, loud and clear in scene-setting audio. As they track down these extraordinary creatures, Mark and Stephen will explain the ecological pickle they are now in and encounter the often eccentric characters whose determination, 15 years later, is still all that stands between them and extinction.

The plus side of ecological disaster, there.

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This is great news! (Well, er, except for the fact that such a series is required at all...)

Last Chance to See is one of my favourite books, probably my favourite of all Douglas Adams' works. Presumably his voiceovers will be taken from the original radio series (which I've never heard - was it ever repeated, or commercially released?) and/or the audiobook version (checking its Wikipedia page, a reading of the book was included in the CD-ROM version).

By Nick R
April 18, 2007 @ 5:59 pm

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I really hope this is as good as it sounds. Last Chance to See was a book I only got to read once from a library...and I haven't found it again in shops since. My loss.

I wish I could track down a copy again to brush up before the series. (I know, I know, amazon has everything...but I like GOING to book stores.)

By Philip J Reed, VSc
April 18, 2007 @ 11:58 pm

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