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July 2008

Quantum Of So(ng)lace / 31.07.08

Quantum Of Solace, the forthcoming 22nd entry in the James Bond series, thus far best known for its shit title, may have one of the better theme tunes of recent years - Variety magazine has revealed that “Another Way To Die” by the intriguing pairing of Jack White and Alicia Keys will accompany the opening credits and usual animated silhouettes of naked birds pole-dancing around the barrels of guns. The track is also produced by Jack White.

E3 2008: Pretty much all you need to know... / 30.07.08…

…with the added bonus of it being the funniest thing you’ll see this week.

What A Crazy Random Happenstance / 30.07.08

Joss Whedon's genre-busting internet mini-phenomenon (minomenon?) Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog is back up and available for free!

It's right here - on Hulu. You can read Joss's intro for the release here.

UPDATE: It's also delightfully imbedded on the official Dr Horrible site.

As people outside the US await an iTunes version, and everyone hangs on for the soundtrack release and then - finally! - the DVD with sung commentary (seriously), it's fantastic to have the whole glorious epic clickable once more. It's occasionally interrupted by adverts - mostly Shrek telling American kids to go get some exercise - but all kudos to the makers for not sticking to their word and holding the show back for months.

So go, sing and quote along. But please don't post any more of your 'much better ideas' for the final act.

Emergency Temporal Shift / 28.07.08

Erm, hello. Sorry if you came by earlier today and saw the old site in all its “glory” - we’re still trying to figure out what happened, but blah blah DNS blah blah not our fault blah blah server configuration issue blah blah.

We’re back now, though, and it shouldn’t happen again. Now sod off out of it.

Comic-Con 2008 Lost panel = instaboner / 28.07.08

I love Comic-Con. It’s the first point in the year where the notoriously secretive Lost show runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse break their ‘radio silence’ about the up-coming new season. Thankfully, this year is no different.

Doctor Who Prom / 26.07.08

Just a quick reminder that this is on tomorrow morning - that’s Sunday 26th July @ 11:00am on Radio 3. More details about the programme can be found on on the Who site.

Concerned in Oblivion / 26.07.08

There are a great deal of very talented people out there on the 'net, and a great deal of them turn to popular computer games as a means to show us that talent, be it through web comics, machinima or just plain old blogging. Today I'll be pointing you towards one of my favourite talented people, Chris Livingston. A working knowledge of the Half-Life and Elder Scrolls games is desirable to fully enjoy his work, but I'd be interested in how outsiders view his work regardless, so do read on.

'Return of the Cybermen' Trailer / 25.07.08

One of the first exciting things to come out from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con is this slightly extended trailer for the 2008 Doctor Who Christmas special. Hurrah!:

Carry On Britain / 25.07.08

My Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins article revealed my love for the comic output of the British film industry, and the Carry On films are perhaps the most famous examples of this. The Archive Hour programme on Radio 4 tomorrow (26 July) looks at the films from a social history perspective, one which hasn’t really been explored, and of which I heartily approve. It’s broadcast at 8pm BST, but Brits can listen again on the BBC iPlayer or via the Radio 4 website.

Dirty / 25.07.08

Man About The House, Series 4, Episode 1 (titled Home and Away), between 23:45 - 23:47:

Oh good, it's a Watchmen game / 25.07.08

This is probably the most unsurprising news that has ever surprised me, but it seems next March’s Watchmen film is going to come with its own computer game.

New To Signal / 24.07.08

Erm, hello. Look what we did. Movable Type is… you know what, I’m sick of saying that. WHAT DO YOU WANT?

No Comment / 10.07.08

Hello all. Just to let you know that we've had to shut off comments for the time being, due to. them... erm, causing the server to fall over.

Don't ask.

We've got a solution in hand, however - just give us a few days to get it sorted, and you'll be able to call us a bunch of fucking cunts again in no time.

UPDATE: Now fixed!