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What A Crazy Random Happenstance

Joss Whedon's genre-busting internet mini-phenomenon (minomenon?) Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog is back up and available for free!

It's right here - on Hulu. You can read Joss's intro for the release here.

UPDATE: It's also delightfully imbedded on the official Dr Horrible site.

As people outside the US await an iTunes version, and everyone hangs on for the soundtrack release and then - finally! - the DVD with sung commentary (seriously), it's fantastic to have the whole glorious epic clickable once more. It's occasionally interrupted by adverts - mostly Shrek telling American kids to go get some exercise - but all kudos to the makers for not sticking to their word and holding the show back for months.

So go, sing and quote along. But please don't post any more of your 'much better ideas' for the final act.


Part three was flawed, ducking out on some of the things that worked best. It contains no to-camera 'blog' section, has a slightly duller (and in one case over-long) selection of songs. and there's an almost total lack of the dialogue which had tickled us through parts one and two. But if the whole thing had gone up at once, rather than over several days, the reaction would have been fine. Despite that turn of events.

Sure he could have killed her deliberately. Sure she could have survived... blah blah. But this is Whedon's Unbreakable - it's the film we only realise afterwards is an origin story. I really like that about it, however sad the thing left me. Complaining about Penny's death is like asking for Batman's parents and Spider-Man's Uncle Ben to be revived. Penny's a one-episode character - our curse was that we lived with her for days rather than the 40-minute runtime.

But that's our curse, not the show's.

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