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February 2008

Best Eastenders Cliffhanger Evur / 15.02.08


Hippies Commentaries! / 07.02.08

So, Hippies, one of my favourite underrated sitcoms, is actually getting a release! This is excellent news, obviously. Unfortunately, most of this didn't happen - but seeing as I was just expecting a vanilla set, I was pleased to read the following:

Ashes To Ashes Trailer / 03.02.08

Fuck me, it looks great. (High quality version, so even if you've seen it it's worth a look - none of your YouTube crap.)

Series starts Thursday, BBC ONE, 9:00pm. There's also a preview clip on the BBC site, but I'm waiting to see it properly. I still can't get over the fact that the BBC are making drama I want to see again...

Off The Telly Fucks Off / 01.02.08

In its present monthly form, anyway.

A great shame, although obviously completely understandable. Thanks to everyone there for a great site, that I always enjoyed reading - and let's hope it returns in some form at some point...

#We all love Jeremy Beadle... / 01.02.08

By far the best of the recent tributes to Jeremy Beadle I've read.