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March 2006

I took her see... India! / 31.03.06

My darling girlfriend Tanya had a conversation with someone at work today about blogs. Her colleague asked her why they were called blogs, and she informed him that it was a contraction of "weblog".

He then asked why they weren't just called "wogs".


kettering 5 Released / 31.03.06

This is a bit of a plug, because my girlfriend wrote a couple of articles for it, but it would be well worth mentioning anyway. kettering, the magazine of elderly British comedy, has just released Issue 5, with loads of great stuff in it - see the site for details. I'm especially looking forward to the Neil Innes interview.

Life on ABC / 29.03.06

While Kudos are busy making a second series of our beloved Life on Mars, they will also be overseeing a pilot for a US remake of the show, commissioned by the ABC network (Lost, Invasion, some other stuff).

They Killed Chef / 23.03.06

After this... comes this.

The episode in question is already available online, even for those without BitTorrent; I couldn't possibly condone illegal TV show downloading by telling you where, but suffice to say if you Google "south park", you don't have to go more than, ooh, a page or so before you'll find the site.

Bananas are good / 23.03.06

God, The Doctor Dances (yes, I did just watch it again) really is just the best episode of anything ever, isn't it?

It's got everything. It's funny. It's scary. It's clever. It's well-paced. It's beautifully-shot. It's gripping. It's just a wonderful forty-five minutes of television.

Do the Hustle / 10.03.06

HustleThe third series premiered tonight at 9:00pm.

And, you know what, I was pretty disappointed. I'm a massive fan of the show, and its creator Tony Jordan, but I think it took the 'silly' tone just a tad too far tonight. And NO-ONE should attempt to perform a 'Gansta Rap' accent - comedically or seriously - it's just poor.

Life On Mars - The Inside Story / 08.03.06

Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah? The creators of Life On Mars? Talking about the genesis of the show? Excellent.

It's on at the Merlin Theatre in Frome, Somerset, on Sunday 19th March 2006 @ 7:45pm. Costing £7.50 (concessions £5.00), that's worth anyone's time and money. I just wish I could make it. Bash us out a review if you go, would you?

Dalek Bread?!? / 08.03.06


Anyway, apparently (well, I say "apparently", but it is a BBC press release; the wires, however, don't seem to have got hold of it yet) Peter Kay is going to be in Doctor Who. Hm.

Alan Moore Knows The Score / 07.03.06

The Culture Show, BBC TWO, Thursday night, 7.00pm and 11.20pm. Alan Moore is being interviewed. Alan Moore never does TV interviews, so this should be something of a rare treat.

To: Fox's DVD department / 06.03.06

Re: The force feeding of your 'DOWNLOADING MOVIES IS LIKE STEALING A CAR' video at the start of all your recent releases.

Don't, you bunch of cunts. It is rubbish, invasive and factually incorrect.

While you're at it, you can remove the pointless and unskipable copyright notices shown in every language known to man, too. Also, some people might be watching your show on DVD for the first time, so don't have menu images which spoiler the episodes on the disk (e.g. Nina coming back in 24).

Sort yourself out, you rubbish people.

Motion Sickness / 05.03.06

It pisses me off. I never get it in cars these days, but I've had to give up playing GTA because I just get too sick.

Still, at least Kingdom Hearts will be fine OH NO I FEEL SICK WITH THAT NOW FUCK IT.

Any ideas as to how to stop getting like this? I currently feel like throwing up across the room, and that was with 10 minutes play...

O! News / 04.03.06

From a post on NOTBBC:


Just made for fun, apparently. Lovely stuff. Luff.

Alexi Sayle's Stuff: Series One / 03.03.06

Notice on the back of the DVD:

Due to the archive nature of the footage sound and picture quality may vary occasionally

THE SERIES WAS MADE IN 1988. Besides, there's no real problems with the sound and picture quality anyway. What are they up to?

The IT Crowd Recomissioned / 01.03.06

YES! Eight episodes, too! I haven't been this chuffed for a long time. The funniest comedy in years.

And Peep Show has been recomissioned as well. Has Channel 4 suddenly realised what good comedy is again?

Linda Smith / 01.03.06

For those who are fans of all that's good about Radio 4 comedy, but haven't caught the news yet, this is very sad.