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The ABC of Dee

Following on from Simon Dee's recent death, NTS presents a scan of an interview with Simon Dee at the height of his fame, taken from the June 14, 1969 edition of Woman's Own. Although the day-in-the-life is something of a puff piece, it does feature the passage "Dee seems, to his fans, boyishly engaging. To his critics he is irritatingly incompetent", suggesting that opinion on him was, at the very least, divided.

Simon Dee article - Page One Simon Dee article - Page Two Simon Dee article - Page Three

Dee does actually admit in the article that he was too nervous initially, but whether he'd improved or not, it didn't stop Benny Hill performing a rather vicious parody of him, called Tommy Tupper, with a show called 'Tupper Time' in his 1970 series:

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Given Hill's usual material, it's something of a shock to see something that pointed in one of his shows. Benny Hill must REALLY have hated him...

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This should be the epitaph pn Simon Dee’s grve:

“Should have gone to Thames!”

By Nick H
September 07, 2009 @ 6:28 pm

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The sad thing was that he went to LWT after falling out with the Beeb, and then fell out with Frosty and co soon after. Silly sod…

Tanya Jones's picture

By Tanya Jones
September 07, 2009 @ 9:18 pm

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