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Attention People Who Design Websites for Telly Shows!

For God’s sake, somewhere on the front page, have in big letters when the next broadcast of the show is. It’s the most important thing people will want to know, and it should be available at a glance - not buried away on a non-obvious page, or - incredibly - nowhere on the site at all.

The current site where this has really pissed me off is with The IT Crowd, but make no mistake - this happens everywhere. Stick it in a box at the top somewhere!

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Similar to a pet peeve of mine with TV planners, there’s a few series I’d like to start watching from the beginning (for example Battlestar Galactica, or the final series of the A-team) however the TV guide never show an episode (or even series) number, you only ever get an indication of where a series is when it says series finale in the description, which is a tad pointless.

By Daff
December 16, 2008 @ 10:27 pm

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I’ve noticed recently that Freeview EPGs show ‘Episode Number/Series Total’, presumably as part of newer Freeview recorders having the series link functionality. Still doesn’t stop repeats of shows like Family Guy being almost entirely randomised, though.

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By Jonathan Capps
December 17, 2008 @ 2:14 am

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