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the it crowd

IT Crowd. Series 3. Tonight. / 21.11.08

10:00pm on Channel 4. (Man, that’s too late. It’s really a 9pm show.)

Like the first show last year, I saw this one recorded - and no, it’s not as absolutely stunning as The Work Outing was. It is, however, a hugely entertaining half-hour of sitcom, with one of my favourite IT Crowd moments ever (see if you can guess it), and well worth tuning in for.

Standard Nerds / 14.12.06

Wondered why I've not been around much lately? No? Well, fuck you, then.

But just in case you have, it's for two reasons. Firstly, my web design company is to launch IMMINENTLY. And secondly, I've been working on this:

It's a Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews fansite! Written by me! With bugger all on it! Apart from some interesting IT Crowd news, that might not actually be news at all! But there's loads of stuff to come! So hooray!

That is all.

The IT Crowd Recomissioned / 01.03.06

YES! Eight episodes, too! I haven't been this chuffed for a long time. The funniest comedy in years.

And Peep Show has been recomissioned as well. Has Channel 4 suddenly realised what good comedy is again?