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lab rats

Lab Rats Commentaries! / 19.08.09

Oh yes. The DVD may not have any extras, but that hasn’t stopped Chris Addison, along with co-writer Carl Cooper and producer Simon Nicholls, recording their own commentaries - which you can download from here. (iTunes integration coming shortly, apparently.)

Lab Rats DVD! / 06.07.09

Well, I was hoping for one, and here we go - Lab Rats is being released on DVD on the 27th July. Hooray!

Oh, for fu- / 20.04.09

Slightly behind the curve on this one, perhaps, but I’ve only just found out - Lab Rats has been cancelled. And for anyone thinking “no shit”, it’s worth pointing out that the ratings beat the (also excellent) Peter Serafinowicz Show, and that got a Christmas special last year.