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Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable / 20.03.09

Excellent piece on the future of the newspaper industry, and journalism as a whole. Well worth a read.

(Via Daring Fireball.)

Hooray for Graham Linehan / 09.10.08

Will people ever learn? I mean, ever?

Break's Over / 24.09.08

Aaron Sorkin writes a meeting between President Bartlet and Barrack Obama? Oh. Fucking. Yes.

Incidentally, if you’ve not already watched The West Wing, then watch The West Wing. And vote Democrat if you’re American. And get me a sandwich.

An open letter to Stephen King / 19.07.07

Dear Stephen King,

You are a turd.

That is all.

Actually, wait...that's not all...

Not AGAIN! It's Kettering 6! / 27.01.07

It's that time again, folks! Peter Gordon has waved his magic software and produced another tribute to elderly British comedy. In this issue;

KENNETH WILLIAMS' lost show, A Tribute To Greatness, rediscovered

I'M SORRY I HAVEN'T A CLUE - A look back over the whole ruddy lot, with interviews from Graeme Garden and Barry Cryer

LET'S BOMB RUSSIA - The decline of Conservative satire

FRANK RANDLE - A look back at his film career

THE DOCTOR FILMS A film-by-film review

Dreamwatch has folded / 12.01.07

See this post on the Restoration Team forum.

Look at the brackets on that / 02.01.07

Worryingly erotic.

Russell, please just shut up now. / 03.11.06,,22877-2407543.html

Blimey, I don't know where to begin with this. I've happily defended Russell Davies in the past - I genuinely think he is a good writer, and it was his enthusiasm which brought Doctor Who back to the mainstream after all - but then he comes out with some total arse like this, and it makes me wonder why I bother.

A whole world of ew / 19.09.06

HP cameras with built-in "slimming" feature.

B-but they looked better before!

This is just unpleasant. A sad indictment on our society? I'd say so.

Congratulations! You're Pre-Pregnant! / 06.09.06

This worrying article was in the Guardian a couple of days ago. As the article points out, treating all women of child-bearing age as permanent incubators has worrying implications for a women's right to be seen as an independent person, capable of making their own decisions. And naturally, it's the poorest women in society bearing the brunt of ill-thought-out legislation.

Readers' Forum / 07.08.06

Is the new name for the letters page in TV Zone. Nothing wrong with that, you might think. Until you start reading the introduction...

Missed a topic on the Internet?

Yes, I "miss topics on the internet" all the time. It's so easy to do!

Searching through pages and pages of off-the-point comments?

Go to the right forums and threads, and it's all on-topic. But off-the-point comments are often the most interesting stuff anyway...

kettering 5 Released / 31.03.06

This is a bit of a plug, because my girlfriend wrote a couple of articles for it, but it would be well worth mentioning anyway. kettering, the magazine of elderly British comedy, has just released Issue 5, with loads of great stuff in it - see the site for details. I'm especially looking forward to the Neil Innes interview.