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June 2009

Bye then, Jacko... / 26.06.09

Well, I can honestly say that I've not heard this many Michael Jackson songs in one day in a long time. It's been years since I was really interested in his music, but his place in my life, as well as many others' lives, is undisputed. I'm genuinely sad at both the manner and the time of his going, because it robs him of the chance to go out on a high and remind people of the talent that lay behind what became a rather tragic life. Thanks to rhodri on Twitter for bringing my attention to what is an extraordinary and very amusing tribute to Michael's best ever work (IMO); the Bollywood version of Thriller. Thanks, Michael.

The iTunes of comics... / 23.06.09

Whoever copyrights that phrase first is going to make a packet, eh?

So, Longbox, then. Could comics finally be about to get their own, proper, mass-market, cross-publisher internet distribution model?

Save The Children! / 12.06.09

Tonight’s BFI preview screening of the first episode of Torchwood’s third series was an unexpectedly hilarious event, with the panel all in sparkling form. Eve Myles entered the stage with the words “He’s on crutches and I’m pregnant- we’re your action heroes!”. The two cast members present proceeded to spend the rest of the session corpsing each other, while Russell T Davies talked about how he’d developed the initial idea for the five part serial.

Spoiler-free impressions of the episode itself after the jump.

somegreybloke / 02.06.09

I suspect I may be behind the crowd here, but I think these cartoons definitely deserve a post, especially as I was introduced to them with the one below. Please vote on June 4th if you can to stop the BNP.

Best. Game Trailer. Ever. / 02.06.09