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April 2009

Carousel / 22.04.09

Fuck me.

Oh, for fu- / 20.04.09

Slightly behind the curve on this one, perhaps, but I’ve only just found out - Lab Rats has been cancelled. And for anyone thinking “no shit”, it’s worth pointing out that the ratings beat the (also excellent) Peter Serafinowicz Show, and that got a Christmas special last year.

The Elusiveness of Malcolm Tucker / 18.04.09

Despite the saturation coverage that In The Loop has received in the broadsheet press in recent weeks, the film itself seems to be suffering a curiously low profile, with both Vue and Odeon apparently not carrying it. It’s a baffling decision- the politics are hardly controversial, and the independent cinemas running Armando Ianucci’s masterpiece are being mobbed, with many showings completely sold out. For those having to wait for a seat, you might find temporary solace in the distilled pit bull’s Guardian column on the recent smears scandal:…

1959: A Panorama Guide / 15.04.09

This programme has been hanging around on BBC Four for a while, but I think it’s only available on iPlayer now until 22 April, and is well worth your time if you’re at all interested in social history. Although it’s partly a celebration of the Panorama team of the time, it also has fascinating reports on the issues of the day, such as the idealistic experiment of new towns such as Harlow in Essex, race relations, youth culture and the political fallout of Britain’s decline of Empire.

Bert and Ernie 'Do' Gangsta Rap / 10.04.09

Sorry for another YouTube post, but this is so beautifully edited, I just had to bring attention to it;

Hot Potato Cools / 08.04.09

The chronic indecision that has plagued the western release of magnificent horror epic Mask of the Lunar Eclipse appears to have been resolved, but not in the way that Wii owners would have wished. While developer Tecmo and publisher Nintendo have previously claimed that the choice to release the game depends on the other party, the designers have now come forward and stated that the format owner has declined to publish the title in America and that rights issues prevent them doing so themselves. While there remains a slim chance that the title will see a European release, it’s unfortunate that this (literally) haunting creation may well remain confined to its Japanese homeland.