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October 2008

Tennant Fucks Off / 29.10.08

…after the specials.

Much as I hate to say it… I’m kinda glad. A regeneration as the climax for the specials - and Moffat choosing his own Doctor - is just too irresistable for me to, erm, resist.

Batman 3 or not Batman 3? / 29.10.08

The movie-going public has already assumed a third Christopher Nolan Batman film to be inevitable. But Christopher Nolan himself isn’t nearly so sure.…

What’s the story? Is there a story that’s going to keep me emotionally invested for the couple of years that it will take to make another one? That’s the overriding question. On a more superficial level, I have to ask the question: How many good third movies in a franchise can people name?

The Unfinished Swan / 29.10.08

Linked to in a number of places, but if you haven’t seen it, check out the video. Beautiful.

Amazing how unsettling the atmosphere is at points. (The approach to the black door reminded me of Knightmare, actually…)

You're Welcome, America / 26.10.08

Some news on the previously rumored Will Ferrell Broadway project:

You’re Welcome, America: A Final Night With George W. Bush

Opinion after the jump.

Something for the bathtub / 26.10.08

Like a great many people who watch too much TV and try to avoid the real world whenever possible, I often find myself unable to to choose or recommend new books. Somehow the hype, publicity or good word of mouth never reaches me. Well, I now have a new bookmark:

Kerry Katona on This Morning / 22.10.08

Oh dear. (Opinion after the break.)

Rudy Ray Moore, RIP / 22.10.08


Isaac Hayes and Rudy Ray Moore? This is a sad year for blaxploitation.

Levi Stubbs 1936 - 2008 / 17.10.08

The Poetry of Sarah Palin / 16.10.08

You asked for it! Alright, nobody asked for it. But she recited it anyway.

Sarah Palin proves you can write poetry without ever having read any yourself, or taken a class, or even looked up “poetry” on Wikipedia. But more importantly, she proves you shouldn’t.

(CAUTION: These may give you stomach cancer.)

Hooray for old BBC sites that are still online! / 16.10.08

For instance, how about the site for On The Record, which finished at the end of 2002? You can even still watch the last episode - amazing how easy it is to forget how bad online video was back then…

Someone must be able to beat December 2002 for the oldest abandoned BBC site still online, though. Any takers? Old BBC News pages don’t count, you cheating bastards.

And your Doctor Who rumour for today is... / 14.10.08

… that (according to well-connected comics gossip king Rich Johnston) Paterson Joseph might just be Steven Moffat’s first new Doctor, in the 2011 series.

Of course, he’s basically already played the character once. Take all of this with a pinch of salt, of course, but if it’s true… well, I’ve been saying since 1996 that he’d be perfect for the job, so count me excited.

The Seven Doctors? / 13.10.08

File this one under “believe it when I see it”, not least because I consider the chances of Ecclescakes doing anything else Who-related within about a decade as pretty low. Could be good fun if it happens, though. Also fun is the bad-grammar-induced hilarity of the following paragraph :

He was followed by Peter Davidson from 1981 to 1984, whose daughter Georgia Moffett has also featured in the programme and who is now dating the current doctor, David Tennant.

I mean, they had good chemistry in Time Crash, but even so…

Hooray for Graham Linehan / 09.10.08

Will people ever learn? I mean, ever?