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December 2007

Sesame Street Video Archive! / 16.12.07

My new favorite thing ever, ever, ever.

Xmas in the Rye / 10.12.07

About the only thing I have that comes even close to a Christmas tradition is reading The Catcher in the Rye at some point during the season. It's not anything I make sure to's just that this time of year always makes me want to revisit it.

One More Day, one more issue... / 05.12.07

You may or may not be following the current One More Day arc over in the Spider-Man comics (a review of part 3 in the 4-part story can be found a few posts down on my new comics review blog, Comics Daily) but needless to say, if you were you'd probably have some strong opinions on it. The short of it is that current Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada is attempting to reset the status quo of the character to deal with what has long been seen as a problem - his marriage to Mary Jane.