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November 2007

RUBBISH / 27.11.07

Who spoilers follow, folks :

You'd have thought it would have taken longer than this to be scrabbling round for ideas.

Verity Lambert / 23.11.07

On this of all dates, it's being reported by Outpost Gallifrey that legendary BBC producer Verity Lambert has died. BBC have yet to report/confirm the story.

Stewart Lee's self-piracy / 20.11.07

In an excellent move, Stewart Lee has decided to upload some of he and Richard Herring's old TV material on to Google Video!

Attention Americans! / 17.11.07

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace is now running on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Their schedule only has it listed for a single run-through this week, every night at 11, starting tomorrow.

There is absolutely, positively no reason not to watch this. I'll be tuning in if only for the thrill of knowing that I'll be among a large amount of confused Americans seeing it for the first time.

Tell your friends and your dads.

Stop talking about American things...and let's watch the greatest film ever made. / 16.11.07

Alan Partridge on the big screen? Well, rumors have been flying around for a long time, so it's not exactly fresh news...except for the fact that it now seems to be actually happening.

BBC Poos (News) / 14.11.07

"Customers will not be able to download the comics either, which can only be viewed in a web browser window."

Leaving aside the rather awkward use of the term "web browser window" - IF YOU CAN SEE THE COMIC IN YOUR BROWSER, YOU'VE ALREADY DOWNLOADED IT. I mean, is it really that hard to get this kind of thing right? Saving != Downloading. Come on BBC, sort it out.

A possibly interesting fact about the Spice Girls / 11.11.07

The director of the video for Viva Forever was Steve Box - animator on The Trap Door, and later did shitloads of stuff for Aardman (not least co-directing The Curse of the Were-Rabbit). Which explains a lot, as I've always loved the video - the shot of the huge vending machine near the end is especially beautiful. And watching it again, I'm struck by how nice the animation and character designs actually are.

...And this ham soda is all bones! / 10.11.07

Uh...yum. Now you too can have breath as fresh as a summer ham.