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October 2007

Spaced USA? / 30.10.07

Fuck off. Seriously, just fuck right off.

We're not even talking about the right people doing it. McG and a Will and Grace writer? ARGH.

Follow That Spam! / 29.10.07

Ever wonder what would really happen if you attempted to purchase a product or service by responding to spam emails?

I admit, I've been curious, myself. Not curious enough to overcome my natural caution, mind you, but somebody's gone and done it for us, and documented the process. Interesting stuff. user reviews missing the point #980918098 / 28.10.07

Here is a one-star review of the first series of Father Ted (so clearly he's reliable). An excerpt:

The jacket containing the FATHER TED DVD claims that it's the "best comedy about three priests on an island". Good heavens, how many can there be? And imagining the plots and quality of the others simply boggles the mind.

Weekend At Bernie's Little Shop of Horrors / 27.10.07

Weekend America now offers TEN TALES OF TERROR written specifically to scare you, or some such thing. Authors include Neil Gaiman, M. Rickert and others. It also includes some juicy interviews and such with the authors.

So, you know. Go. Listen.

The only intelligent thing to say about "Dumbledore" "being" "gay" / 25.10.07

Rowling, please shut up.


No further comment needed, surely?

Get rid of Hurd! Thanks! / 09.10.07

This is utterly, pant wettingly exciting news as anyone who's watched The Thick of It will attest.

That's all I have to say about that right now.

What A Life! / 08.10.07

In preparation for the much bigger article I'm going to write about British Public Information Films soon (honest), here's a fabulous example of the genre from the National Archives site, dated 1947. Titled "What A Life!", it stars Richard Massingham, who was to appear in many PIFs, but this is unusual in showing a weary attitude to post-war life, and has such black humour that it was complained about in Parliament!

Teach your children well... / 05.10.07

As all of you are no doubt aware, I've been passively seeking a DVD copy of Christmas Eve on Sesame Street for the past few years. I knew it existed, but I never had any luck locating one. Until now. Until just a few days ago.

No Gerald, the phrasing on the boop-boop is quite wrong / 03.10.07

Oh, fuck.

Probably time to bring this out, then...

I see it as a waste... / 03.10.07

...of Baco, the Foil.

I think you're being a little bit naive, Ray / 02.10.07

Whilst browsing TEH YOUTUBES the other day, I noticed an advert:

Bite It and Believe It / 02.10.07

I had the fortune to eat a newly-relaunched Wispa today. It was delicious - and also, for people like me who care about this kind of thing, also had beautiful, simple packaging.