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September 2007

Layer Tennis / 30.09.07


See the first match here - the image navigation is just under the large piccy at the top. (I spent ages searching for it, which either means the site is badly designed, or I'm stupid. Or both.)


I don't wish to start a huge argument about Chris Moyles again - let's wait for my "long-awaited" review of his show for that - but I can't resist reminding you lot about the show he's doing with Tony Blackburn this Sunday morning from 7:00am - 10:00am, as part of Radio 1's 40th Anniversary celebrations.

This film don't infringe on anyone's copyright / 28.09.07

Martin Scorcese is going to direct a film about George Harrison.

Martin Scorcese is going to direct a film about George Harrison.


I'd say it again, get the point.

Flight Into Terror: the audience reactions / 28.09.07

You might remember an earlier post on the subject of the riotous audience reaction to the Flight Into Terror episode of Father Ted. It does seem to have a pretty fantastic joke-to-applause rate, which makes it stand out not only among Ted episodes, but among episodes of any sitcom as well. Why the huge reaction?

Dave? / 21.09.07

What in the name of sweet Jesusing Christ?

So UKTV G2 is moving over to Freeview and rebranding under the name of 'Dave'. It is to catering for that obviously undernourished 16-34 male audience. According to the same story on Digital Spy, it's called Dave because "everyone knows a bloke called Dave".

Doctor Who: EXCITING NEWS / 03.09.07

After a frankly tedious amount of speculation about the future series of Doctor Who and the availability of David Tennant, the BBC have finally clarified matters to some extent.

So, in one announcement we get Christmas 2008, a series of 3 specials for 2009 (Easter, Summer and Christmas?) and a full series 5 for 2010 confirmed. Blimey!

Doctor Who in Surprise Shock Hugo Win / 01.09.07

The 2007 Hugo Awards were announced today. The 2007 Nebula Awards were announced back in May, but I didn't mention them because...well, because I am lazy. Anyway - find the winners herein!

Hugo Awards