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August 2007

IT Crowd Series 2 / 24.08.07

Tonight. Channel 4. 9:30pm. Saw it recorded. Funniest thing I've seen in ages. Watch.


The Schema / 23.08.07

Rhodri Marsden : journalist, musician and all round excellent feller.

The Schema : the result of a project undertaken by the above "to record, distribute and promote a single from my bedroom in a 30-day timeframe."

"Those Rules" : the resulting single and accompanying (brilliant) video, in which you may also spot a number of NOTBBC alumni.

"Amazing Free Ooberman Jukebox" / 15.08.07

Right, listen up. Ooberman are a fucking excellent band. A fucking, fucking excellent band, beloved of every good radio DJ and music journalist worth their salt, but largely ignored by the general public and NME. If you've never heard anything by them, then it's the fault of folks like YOU, not listening to them or buying their albums, that led them to split up a few years back.

Exciting pre-production artwork from Jaco Van Dormael's "Mr. Nobody" / 13.08.07

The first article I wrote for NTS, if I remember correctly, consisted of gushing praise for the 1991 Belgian film "Toto Le Heros", which was the directing debut of one Jaco Van Dormael. His follow-up was "L'Huitieme Jour", a well intentioned but bloated and patronising mess which nonetheless was a critical success, largely thanks to the stunning performance of it's downs syndrome suffering lead actor Pascal Duquenne, and the emotional honesty hiding behind the predictable plot shenanigans. It's not an entirely bad film, it's just a seriously disjointed film with some insufferable moments.

Aw, bollocks. / 11.08.07

Anthony H Wilson, the man who founded the 'Madchester' music scene in Manchester and helped made the city a centre of musical talent, has died, aged 57. I'd be rubbish at trying to write an obituary, so here's a list of other people's efforts:,,2146720,00.html

Big Brother News / 04.08.07

I've found it really hard to give a shit about this series of Big Brother at all - by the end of the first fortnight, I was so bored I wanted to die, and every time I bothered to tune in after that I didn't recognise half of the people onscreen. None of them really were interesting enough to stand out from the endless arguments about hair straighteners or more frequently about *nothing at all* between Charley, the vile, malicious "star" of BB8 and you know, everyone else.