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July 2007

The Dark Knight teaser trailer / 29.07.07

Right here.

This is going to kick considerable amounts of arse. The Dark Knight, a superbly-cast Iron Man and Indiana Jones IV out in the same year. 2008, will you just hurry up and get here, please?

Trailer for The Darjeeling Limited / 26.07.07

First tipped off to the film's existence by Michael Lacey and then informed about the trailer by Austin Ross, I demand all the credit for linking to it.

Trailer for Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited (Click if you've ever wondered what Max Fischer would look like with a mustache.)

Futurama teaser poster surfaces / 22.07.07

Has anyone seen this before? I came across it linked to from a message board, stashed away in somebody's Photobucket account...which means I wasn't actually able to trace its origin. But it certainly looks official to me..."read more" to see it.

An open letter to Stephen King / 19.07.07

Dear Stephen King,

You are a turd.

That is all.

Actually, wait...that's not all...

The Man With The Hat Is Back... / 12.07.07

After getting the internet all in a tizz with a single photograph of Harrison Ford lounging around in his Indiana Jones costume, Steven Spielberg has released a short video from the set of his forthcoming sequel, for which a title has yet to be revealed. Click here to see a short, but rather exciting clip from the set.

Crudely Drawn Naked People / 10.07.07

Around a year ago, I reviewed Jeffrey Brown's latest collected work, I am going to be Small. At the time, it occurred to me that I should go back and cover his earlier work for a series of reviews, which I felt needed some additional attention.

Dexter / 09.07.07

Just thought I'd give a heads up for UK Sky/Virgin viewers about a new US drama that premiered last night on FX, which provides 'uncompromising TV from Fox'. It's a bit confusing, as the series was actually shown on Showtime in the US, a subscription channel.

Doctor Who / Torchwood Casting Developments / 03.07.07

The final episode of Series Three may only have aired on Saturday, but already the BBC has clarified casting details about this years Christmas episode, "Voyage Of The Damned" (which will, presumably, follow on directly from this series' 'Titanic' cliffhanger - ho ho!), aswell as the forthcoming series of Who and it's racy, adult, rubbish spin-off Torchwood. If you wish to approach either entirely unspoiled, then don't read on.