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June 2007

The Oeuvreblog Trend / 30.06.07

I've posted already about More Words About Music and Songs, my current blog project within which I write an essay about every Talking Heads song, one at a time. Since then, however, quite a few more have popped up...both Q magazine and The New York Post have written about the trend (the former mentioning mine by name), and I have to admit it's an interesting phenomenon, this, using as it does the formal rigidity of the default blog to its advantage.

Sunday Bloody Sunday / 29.06.07

Really captures the frustration of a Sunday, doesn't it?

Big Brother Eight - Week One / 10.06.07

Despite the planned eviction being cancelled, the first week (or so) of BB8 has seen the usual early drop-outs. Least predictable of the two was Emilys eviction after dim-wittedly addressing the vile Charley as "you nigger" in what we can only presume was an ill-concieved, "ironic" address or more likely a catastrophically unfortunate slip of the tongue.

Suburban Glamour / 06.06.07

Friend of NTS Jamie McKelvie has a new comic coming out in September. It's called Suburban Glamour, and it's clearly going to be rather good. He's already gone on about it a fair bit here, but now, through the medium of brilliant-one-page-advert-strips, let Astrid and Dave give you a bit more info...

BBC gets Goatsed / 05.06.07

Astonishing (safe for work, don't worry). Well done B3ta.

Inside job? Quite possibly. I suspect someone mischievous at Online got hold of the B3ta submission, couldn't resist including it, and it snowballed from there.

Human Nature eBook / 04.06.07

We're a little behind on our Doctor Who series three reviews at the moment - although rest assured, we do intend to catch up in due course - so it'll be a little while before we get round to raving about how utterly fantastic Paul Cornell's "Human Nature" two-parter was (although he might as well clear a space on his shelf right now for the 2008 Hugo).