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May 2007

Big Brother 8 Launch Night / 30.05.07

Noise To Signal begins it's coverage of this years Big Brother with a live-ish commentary on the launch night episode, to be followed hopefully by regular weekly-ish updates right through to the series end.

"Her name reminds me of female anatomy" / 28.05.07

After the horrors inflicted on you all the other day by Phil, I thought it was time to redress the balance with something good from Youtube.

I'm not sure if this is one guy doing everything by himself, or if there are other people involved in the songwriting/video making, but either way, they're excellent. Essentially, they involve taking a famous movie theme, writing lyrics to go with it, and then acting the song out in silly costumes front of a greenscreen backdrop.

In the wake of Borat / 27.05.07

There's really only one negative thing about the worldwide success of the Borat film, and that's that Sacha Baron Cohen is probably never going to get away with anything like it again. But that doesn't mean the impact of the film will be limited to that singular release...

Sharing the misery... / 26.05.07

So I did a quick search on YouTube because I wanted a friend of mine to see the music video for R.E.M.'s "I'll Take the Rain." It's a fantastic song, and a cute video.

But this came up as well. I thought...hmm...I like that song. And I typically enjoy solo acoustic versions of great songs...especially grandly produced ones like "I'll Take the Rain." They tend to strip it down to its core and reveal some emotion lost in the overdubs...

Laceyvision - US TV Bonanza / 26.05.07

As the American TV season draws to a close, Laceyvision takes a look back at what tickled it's fancy and what tickled the gag reflex at the back of it's throat.

30 Rock

Tim and Eric love Shrek 3! / 18.05.07

Tim and Eric love Shrek 3 so much they made their own set of promotional shorts. Far, far, far drier than their usual comedy, but brilliant nonetheless.

Updated with three more links!

1. Tim and Eric Promote Shrek!

2. Tim Heidecker's Shrek Message:

'Somos Las Bolas' on sale...Finally / 17.05.07

Reviewed earlier this year by the lovely NTSer Tanya Jones, "Somos Las Bolas" is the first short film by me, Andrew Edmark.

More Conversations About Music and Brains / 12.05.07

David Byrne and Daniel Levitin discussing the various ways music affects the brain...both chemically and theoretically. It's more a conversation than an interview, and it's truly fascinating stuff.

A picture to cheer up your day / 10.05.07

Father Jack, sticking his finger up