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February 2007

The National Theatre of Brent - coming back to a radio near you soon / 28.02.07

Appreciation of comedy is a deeply subjective thing, but it is my honest belief that anyone who can sit through more than five minutes of the National Theatre of Brent without laughing is officially humourless.

Things people say in porn that take you right out of the moment / 27.02.07

"Yeah, you wanna taste my discharge?"

Not if you're calling it discharge, no.

Doctor Who: Smith & Jones airdate / 27.02.07

Just a quick one to notify you that Dreamwatch Sci-Fi has spilled the beans as to the airdate of Doctor Who's opening episode of series 3, Smith & Jones.

Compilation CDs / 27.02.07

I'm currently putting one together. My first one, actually. It's going to contain loads of jingles, computer game music, and TV themes, so is probably UNLISTENABLE TO to anyone else, but fun for me.

What's the last compliation you put together?

The Moral Sense Test / 22.02.07

Go here to participate in the Moral Sense Test, a project spearheaded by Marc D. Hauser, author of Moral Minds, who is almost single-handedly opening up the field of moral philosophy. To say any more would probably interfere with your honest responses to the questions on the test, so I'll just assure you that Moral Minds is a fascinating read, the test will definitely get you thinking, and that your results will be used for the direct purpose of expanding the field.

New Futurama news about old Futurama news / 19.02.07

Matt Groening has clarified the future of Futurama. As previously reported, it will be returning as a series of four films. As also previously reported, it will be returning as a new season of episodes on Comedy Central. To whit:

Most optimistic spin ever? / 16.02.07

From this Marvel Press Release, as seen on Newsarama:

This the mysterious first re-appearance of [Spider-Man's] black costume

Interesting way to describe the truth, which is that the comic that explains why Spider-Man is wearing the black costume is incredibly late due to delays plaguing the entire Civil War crossover.

Still, you've got to give them credit for trying.

Fucking Americans (and any other people who butcher decent films) / 14.02.07

Read the reviews.

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New BBC TWO idents / 13.02.07

Oooh, lovely.

Best Stock Photo Evur / 12.02.07

Fat Woman Contemplating.

"An overweight woman sits looking out over a garden, perhaps contemplating a diet."

Masterwhined / 11.02.07

Right, you all know how I bitch about TV programmes being edited by yer UK Golds and the like. But I came across an example yesterday which should make even the most carefree of souls CHOKE ON THEIR TV LISTINGS MAGAZINE AND DIE.

I Want My MTV... / 11.02.07

It's funny what occurs to you when you're lying in bed on a Sunday morning. I was idly thinking about how bloody good the Innes Book of Records was when I realised; isn't Neil Innes arguably one of the pioneers of music video?

It's funny what occurs to you when you're lying in bed on a Sunday morning. I was idly thinking about how bloody good the Innes Book of Records was when I realised; isn't Neil Innes arguably one of the pioneers of music video?

Sequel to "The Hills Have Eyes" May Not Suck / 10.02.07

Despite the fact that Aja isn't helming the production, I really think this one has some potential.

Check out the HD trailers here. Courtesy of Yahoo Movies.

"You might think that, I couldn't possibly comment." / 09.02.07

Anna Nicole Smith this morning, Ian Richardson this afternoon.

Despite his age, the latter is quite saddening - a fine, fine actor, who was still working hard right up to his death. It also means that he'll never get to appear in Doctor Who (despite the fact that every Who novel that Lance Parkin's ever written features a character based on him in some way), which is a shame, as you always suspected he'd be perfect for some villain or other at some point.

Lily Allen - Alfie / 06.02.07

Popjustice have come up trumps again for linking to the video for 'Alfie', by far my favourite song on Lily's album 'Alright, Still'.

God, this is great. The puppetry looks faintly familiar as well, so I'd love to know who made the puppets. The birds in particular made me laugh out loud. Horrah for Lily!

Screen Wipe returns! / 05.02.07

Just a quick heads up to let you all know that our Lord and Master is back on telly tonight, BBC FOUR, 10pm. Repeated at half past midnight if you're, I don't know, pissing off to watch some comedy bollocks or something.

Oh, and he's also right about Macs.

I'm Alan Partridge bootleg audience recording / 04.02.07

Not sure how long this has been up, or how many of you may have already seen it, but I thought it was more than worth drawing attention to.

A bootleg recording of the studio performances of episode two of series two of I'm Alan Partridge.



Even if you use Windows, it's important for the BBC not to go down the route of creating a service that only Windows-users can use. Not only for the people who don't use Windows, and not only because the BBC shouldn't do anything that ties themselves to Microsoft anyway - but because otherwise, it's locking you in. There might come a day when you might want to change operating systems, to OS X, Linux, or anything else.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. III : Century / 02.02.07

*jaw drops*

No, I'm not talking about The Black Dossier. We know about that, that's the weird cross-media experimental one that keeps getting delayed and will be the last one to be published by Wildstorm/DC. No, I'm talking about this (scroll down, just below the From Hell hardcover).

The Rover Returns / 01.02.07

Roy of the Rovers bought for £150 by a group of fans who plan to produce new strips.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force linked to terror attacks / 01.02.07

No, I'm not kidding.

I should just like to point out that this morning (or early afternoon, forgive me) CNN ran a "breaking news" banner regarding ten suspicious "packages" with very probable terroristic intentions in Boston.

When I got home from work (around 4 p.m. my time) the banner was changed to explain that all 10 "packages" were definitely related, but were now likely a hoax. Still no explanation otherwise.