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January 2007

UK Get A Mac Ads / 29.01.07

Bloody hell!

I'm a huge fan of the original US ads, so to see these remakes is just really odd. But... well, you couldn't get better casting. It's utterly fantastic. Interestingly, there was talk that the original US ads couldn't be shown in the UK due to rules regarding negative advertising - but these don't seem hugely different. I wonder if they'll make it to broadcast.

April, come she will. / 28.01.07

April 3, Tom Goes to the Mayor seasons one and two, DVD release
April 6, Grindhouse theatrical release
April 13, Hot Fuzz theatrical release
April 17, The Venture Bros. season two, DVD release
April 24, Moral Orel season one, DVD release
April 27, Balls of Fury theatrical release

Looks like some month, to me. (All dates are US dates, natch.)

Not AGAIN! It's Kettering 6! / 27.01.07

It's that time again, folks! Peter Gordon has waved his magic software and produced another tribute to elderly British comedy. In this issue;

KENNETH WILLIAMS' lost show, A Tribute To Greatness, rediscovered

I'M SORRY I HAVEN'T A CLUE - A look back over the whole ruddy lot, with interviews from Graeme Garden and Barry Cryer

LET'S BOMB RUSSIA - The decline of Conservative satire

FRANK RANDLE - A look back at his film career

THE DOCTOR FILMS A film-by-film review

The Master! The Master! The Master! / 25.01.07

It's got to be, right?

He's played him before. It's got to be. Right?

Best. Trailer. Evur. / 25.01.07

The Best Set of Amazon Customer Reviews In The World... Ever! / 19.01.07

Shamelessly nicked from B3ta, but what the hell.

I think Chris Waddle's my favourite. Why aye man.

First Impressions of Hot Fuzz / 18.01.07

It sucks.


But they're making it up as they go along! We'll never find out the answers! It'll go on forever! / 17.01.07

Some really, truly, excellent news has emerged from the Television Critics Association this weekend, where Executive Producers of the fucking brilliant US drama Lost spilt the beans on some very interesting negotiations between themselves and the ABC network. And it could well become to stock answer to ANYONE who claims the show is going no where.

IGN's account is as good as any, so here be the juicy bits:

Not enough Wii jokes? / 14.01.07

Read this and write your own. And you thought the Sony riots were bad.

Mike Edge is a twat / 14.01.07

BBC reports on how recent cancer sufferer Kylie Minogue has to stop show on her comeback tour halfway through due to illness.

BBC ask at the bottom of the article : Were you at the concert or do you know someone who was? Send us your experiences using the form below.

Mike Edge in Manchester replies : I paid £55 each for 6 tickets, it's a total disgrace. She said she was ill after the first song so she should have given up then rather than give the audience a half hearted 30 minutes.

Dreamwatch has folded / 12.01.07

See this post on the Restoration Team forum.

"That would be a world gone... topsy turvy!" / 09.01.07

A Mozza for Europe... surely not?

If it's true, though, it would show a welcome bit of competitive spirit on the Beeb's part. Are they finally sick and tired of losing so horrifically each year? Have they finally realised that A Song For Europe and Making Your Mind Up and all that jazz show nothing other than the British public's staggering lack of taste (not that Eurovision is ever about taste, but you know what I mean)?

And, most importantly, why isn't it John Shuttleworth?

Look at the brackets on that / 02.01.07

Worryingly erotic.