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May 2006

Cum Recap / 31.05.06

A bonus feature I feel should be on every pornographic DVD.

Wholly Stereotypical Headline, Batman! / 30.05.06

It never ceases to amuse me when I see BBC News stick a piece of comics-related news on the site (last time prior to this was, I think, the Holy Terror, Batman! non-story that the media picked up on), but I can't remember the last time such a thing actually appeared on the front page, Alex Ross concept sketch and all.

New News 24 Countdown / 28.05.06

(Taken from Hymagumba on TV Forum.)

Hwyl Fawr I Pawb / 27.05.06

For years there's been a small faction in and around music that would tell anyone who'd listen that Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - a band that everyone knows the name of, as they've become a byword for obscure indie - were the best undiscovered band on the face of the planet, and that anyone who took the time to listen to a song of theirs would surely see their greatness.

Sony shoots self in foot. Again. / 25.05.06

As if Sony's handling of the Playstation 3 couldn't get any more cack-handed, Games Radar have just reported this:

My Eyes! My Eyes! / 23.05.06

Peter Kay. In Doctor Who. As the Abzorbaloff.

Warning : Not suitable for those who've just had their tea.

Oh yes oh yes oh yes / 18.05.06

This is ridiculous. I'm not a particularly big fan of Superman (in that I don't read the comics or own DVDs and suchlike), but I can't remembered the last time I looked forward a new film so much as Superman Returns.

I saw this for the first time today, and it literally gave me shivers down my spine. I blame that Seb Patrick.

Erm... / 16.05.06

Sorry BBC News, but this isn't new. Admittedly Yahoo! are overhauling My Yahoo!, and putting it as their front page (from the looks of things) rather than something you click through to, but it's been in existence as an option with the various customisable boxes and things since long before Google created the "personalised homepage". I know, 'cos I've used it. It wasn't very good, but it was there.

Dark Season and Century Falls... / 16.05.06

...are finally to get a DVD release!

Now, how about Moondial, Earthfasts, The Gift, etc? There's surely a goldmine of top quality CBBC drama waiting to be exploited, if only someone would.

" this isolated internet age..." / 14.05.06

This phrase was actually used in the otherwise-quite-good-fun Machine Men: Time Shift yesterday.

How the bleeding cunting hell does the internet make people isolated? Clue: my girlfriend of four years sleeping in the room next door is someone I met on the net. It brings people together - not isolates them.


Oh... / 11.05.06


As was stated at the time the accusations were originally made, there's a world of difference between being questioned over something, and being charged with it. Right now, though, things aren't looking particularly good, are they?



YES! Stuff is such a brilliant show - and the first two releases were disappointingly short on extras. Finally, they've realised that the show deserves a nice in-depth Making Of...

Full Frame, SERIES 3 EPISODE 6


Ooo, aaa, Rory McGrath / 10.05.06

I saw the bearded tit filming a link for an unknown TV show right outside the window of my train carriage yesterday. Does anyone know what train themed show he might be involved in at the moment? I wouldn't mind seeing it.

I was in one of the old GNER 125s, so I'm assuming it's about their retirement and imminent replacements. As it happens, I'm sad enough to be very interested to see what he was making.

Channelchooser / 09.05.06

This is too good to last, surely?

Watch out especially for the adult channels from 63 onwards. Although the quality is to say the least variable. Some of it's fine, but others... well, call me old-fashioned, but I like women to look like they're enjoying sex. And preferably not choking, either.

Blimey! / 08.05.06


Just... beautiful.

You are, Number Six / 04.05.06

So, The Prisoner is being remade by Sky One, and Christopher Eccleston is being heavily linked with the title role.

Look, up in the sky... / 03.05.06

They had to do the "bird/plane" gag, didn't they?