Noise to Signal

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February 2006

Startup / 01.03.06

Erm, hello. Look what we did. Black is so last year, darlings.

Yes, we're back, and with a site that (hopefully) actually works. Take a look around, see if you like it, and tell us what you think. Any suggestions of what could be better are more than welcome - it's obviously a complex site trying to cram a lot of stuff in, so we're bound to get a few things wrong to start with.

Closedown / 05.02.06

Right, we're off!

Only for this week, though. If all goes according to plan, next weekend a brand new Noise To Signal will be launching. One that will hopefully be a pleasure to read, rather than this... MESS.

In the meantime, commenting has been disabled, so we can get the new site ready without worrying about new comments being transferred across. See you soon!