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November 2005

MONKEY TENNIS / 24.11.05

BE ON TV! (sort of)

Next Friday, the 2nd December, is the live shoot of Monkey Tennis, a music/entertainment programme that I'm producing. We need an audience. Please come along! It's at Trent Park, Enfield, which is next to Oakwood tube station. The show's at 4pm, so turn up no later than three. The show will be beamed live to the Middlesex Student Union, and it'll be taped for anyone who wants a copy.

Look! She's wetting herself! It's HILARIOUS! / 23.11.05

"This particular sketch is exaggerated to such an extreme level, it's clear that it has no grounding in reality."

Unfortunately for the BBC, this one has no grounding in comedy, either.

WE'RE NOT DEAD / 19.11.05

Have A Nice Day / 02.11.05

From today's Mirror :