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September 2005

The BBC's 'iMP' begins testing / 30.09.05


Luckily for me, I'm one of the 5,000 chosen for this second phase of the trial and I can't bloody wait to my hands on the bugger. Presumably my email detailing where I can download the software should arrive VERY SOON.

Obviously, I'll be reviewing the software for NTS, giving you my experience of one week's use of the new software. The trail itself will continue until December so there could well be more regular updates on the service coming form me through the blog, too.

It's in the game... / 30.09.05

So, FIFA 06 is released today, to the sound of much joy from every Tom, Dick and Scally PS2 owner the country over. But walking into Gamestation today, with them playing it out over screens all over the shop (we never had big plasma screens in Gamestation Southport when I worked there, let me tell you!), something about the game struck me - longtime FIFA commentary man John Motson (who's been on the games since FIFA '97, and has got through Andy Gray, Chris Waddle, Mark Lawrenson and Ally McCoist as commentary partners) seems to have been replaced with...

The Onion I'm about to peel / 29.09.05

Time Magazine has a web-exclusive interview with Master Gaiman and Joss Whedon. Go. Read.

Early Doors / 28.09.05

Tonight. BBC ONE. 10.40pm (well, probably more like 10.45, 'cos the lottery always overruns).

It's only a repeat, but... watch it.

Live Vasectomies / 28.09.05

Did anyone watch This Morning, erm, this morning? Phillip Schofield hosted a live vasectomy operation at a London hospital, with Fern Britton and some experts giving analysis from the studio. It was hilarious, if a little nauseating for that time in the morning.

I vos born in Dusseldorf, and that is why they call me Rolf / 27.09.05

If you're interested in a little bit of Springtime for Hitler, then the trailer for The Producers is now up here.

Love Soup / 27.09.05

Appalling title, but this new series that's starting on BBC1 tonight at 9pm has got to be worth keeping an eye on for the brilliant Tamsin Greig, if nothing else. And it's easy to dismiss David Renwick these days after how tired and hackneyed Jonathan Creek became in its later years, but you can never write off the man behind One Foot In The Grave and you'd hope he's still capable of moments of genius...

Enter, Stranger / 26.09.05

Hello there. Look what we've made.

Welcome to a new kind of website. Or, more correctly: the same kind of website you see everywhere else on the net, but with even less focus. Because we intend to cover every media imaginable, with reviews, articles, and general crap right here in the blog. Can you stand the excitement? Clue: yes.